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Search Optimisation Secrets To Boost Your Google Rankings

Staying abreast of recent and on-going changes to the Google algorithm can be challenging. Strategies that once worked flawlessly are now generating penalties and other setbacks. Fortunately, there are a few, key strategies that you can use to ensure that your pages always stay on top of the search results. Following are several search optimisation secrets to boost your Google rankings.

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One of the most important things for site owners to remember is the position that Google plays in this game. Ultimately, this is vital, major and well-recognised brand. Moreover, this is a company that has worked hard to achieve its impressive reputation. In fact, billions of dollars have been spent to get this industry giant right where it is. Understanding this, it is easy to see why this platform is unwilling to let cheap, underhanded and black hat techniques from sullying its image. The foremost goal of this brand is to give people value.

Without value, Google will quickly be forgotten. Those with any understanding of the history of the web have seen a number of popular search engines come and go. Although Google is a very pervasive force, web users are still cognizant of the fact that they have options. If they aren’t able to find what they need in search results, they will simply move on to other platforms.

With this in mind, website owners have to be diligent in their efforts to always use white hat techniques. A well-planned, ethical and diligent approach to these endeavours will take time to produce real results, but the benefits can be numerous and long-lasting. Moreover, white hat strategies can be surprisingly cheap especially if site owners make the best possible use of the resources that are available to them. If you have engaged in questionable SEO then a Google penalty recovery service is something you will need to engage – this will enable your website to have a clean bill of health again.

The very first and most important step in optimising for search engines is attaining overall site fitness. If you have designed your site on your own, have it reviewed by a professional SEO company so that coding errors and other flaws can be identified and resolved. If your pages load slowly or are difficult to navigate, the site won’t be appealing to either human users or search robots.

Link building is also critical, however, this isn’t something that you should do at lightning speeds. In fact, if you focus on building links that actually provide value to your intended audience, you will be moving at the most appropriate pace. Web directories can be of some benefit to you campaigns, but only if these platforms are valued by actual web users.

Use social networking sites to the fullest. These platforms are one of the most vital parts of your link building efforts given that you can post links to on page content and content that relates to your business off site. Using these platforms is a great way to generate massive amounts of inbound traffic even before your site starts to rank well. Best of all, as people start flowing to your pages, your ranking will invariably improve.

As ever, content is and always be king in the virtual arena. You should always have plenty of fresh, relevant content on your site. This will serve as the basis for internal linking which will help you build a solid and organic link profile at a reasonable pace. It will also help you build your brand, establish trust and convert prospects into paying customers by moving them through their purchasing decisions.

How One Kids Glasses Company Utilized Outreach to Generate Links

How A Kids Glasses Co Found Success

There are so many ways to get traffic to your website.  You can do Facebook ads, you can buy ads from Google through their Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, Instagram promoted posts, you name it and just about every social network will sell you ad space to reach their coveted users.

What really is the “holy grail” of generating traffic and making a living online for an ecommerce type of business?  For most people it is Google Organic Search Results.  Many businesses live and die by their rankings in Google. That is why it is so important to have a long lasting and worthwhile Organic SEO Campaign.  Along with that, you want to be building your brand.  Don’t simply rely on a prospect finding you on Google and then remembering you months later.  You want to remarket or retarget to them.  It is so important for many reasons, but you are able to for pennies on the dollar reach people who either bought from you before or visited your site and for one reason or another did not convert.

So, how do you get ranked in Google Search Results? When we reached out to local Digital Marketing Consultant Stephen Twomey, the owner of SEOTraverseCity he stated, “retargetting is simply fishing with a net that has much smaller holes in it”.  Meaning that you can see fewer fish escape your sales funnel when you get in front of them more than the one time.

One fantastic study we found was Jonas Paul Eyewear. They are a newer business that has been featured in Bloomberg, been tweeted about by Harvard Business Review and featured in numerous other high profile publications. How did they achieve some of these coveted links and publication mentions?  They reached out. They found influencers in their niche which is “Kids Prescription Glasses” and found moms and dads who had active social media followers or blog subscribers and asked if they could write a guest post and be featured in their social media or their website. And guess what?  Some of those people agreed.

Why would they do that? Well, have you ever tried blogging ALL THE TIME?  It gets tedious and sometimes you run out of things to talk about. So when someone comes along with a fresh perspective and is willing to do your work for you… hello. Yes Please.  It really is a win win win for the site owner, the guess blogger and the audience as long as the guest post resonates with the audience.

Another way to drive traffic is through leveraging free blogging sites like Jonas Paul Did here with Blogger as well as their Kids Glasses Site Hosted By Google. Yes, you can have a free website hosted for FREE.  So if you dont have money to do a wordpress or shopify you can leverage Google properties.  So whatever way you want to find your audience just know that if you put out great products and find the right team to partner with, as we all have our strengths and weaknesses that we can find success in the marketplace.

Retargeting: Market Your Business Easier


Retargeting, also called remarketing, is a type of online advertising
that can assist you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they
leave your site. For many sites, only 2 % of web traffic converts
on the first see. Retargeting is a tool developed to assist companies reach
the 98 % of users who don’t transform immediately.



Essentially it is a cookie based innovation that utilizes simple piece of code (Javascript code) to secretly ‘follow’ your audience/visitors wherever they go online.

Here’s how it works: you place a little, inconspicuous piece of code on your website (this code is in some cases referred to as a pixel). The code, or pixel, is undetectable to your website visitors and will not impact your site’s performance. Each time a brand-new visitor concerns your site, the code drops a confidential internet browser cookie. Later on, when your cookied visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider understand when to serve advertisements, making sure that your advertisements are served to just to home owner who have previously visited your website. For example if you run a local business out of Phoenix and wanted to capture all of those of have visited your site then all you would need to do is have this code put on your site… it’s really that simple and unbeknown to them they are being continuously tracked.

What is Retargeting? Diagram

Retargeting is so efficient since it focuses your marketing spend on home owner who are already acquainted with your brand and have actually recently shown interest. That’s why most marketers who utilize it see a greater ROI than from most other digital channels.


Retargeting is an effective branding and conversion optimization tool, but it works finest if it belongs to a bigger digital method.

At it’s best retargeting is used in combination with an ongoing marketing or lead demand generation strategy. Methods involving material AdWords, marketing, and targeted display screen are fantastic for easily driving consistent traffic, but they don’t assist with conversion optimization. Alternatively, retargeting can assist enhance conversions, however it can’t drive people to your website. Your best possibility of success is using one or more tools to drive traffic and retargeting to obtain the most out of that traffic.