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Pick the Right Venue for Your Wedding Day 


If your wedding day is coming soon, it would be about time to choose where to hold your reception. The day of getting married requires a lot of planning, and the sooner you start planning everything the better for you. That way, you won’t leave anything to chance.

When it comes to choosing a venue, you need to take into consideration certain things so that you can make the right decision. Many venues are available and finding the perfect one can be very complicated. That’s why you need to consider some important factors.



One of the things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a place for your reception is availability. It is crucial to keep in mind that many couples book a venue at least a few months in advance. You shouldn’t wait until the last moment to start searching for the right venue. It would be perfect if you could start doing it at least 6-7 months in advance. That way, you will be in charge of choosing a location, and your choices won’t be limited by a lack of time. Booking in advance is especially important if you want to get married around holidays. No matter your choice of venue, the sooner you book it, the better. If the desired venue is not available on the date when you are getting married, you also have a chance to change it. If you don’t want to do that, you should search for a new location, for example,




Size is another crucial factor that you need to consider. It is important to find a location of the right size. If you have hundreds of guests, choosing a small venue won’t be good enough. The last thing you want to do on one of the most important days in your life is to have your guests sitting cheek to jowl because of the lack of space, or even standing. Something like this is a real wedding nightmare. Always check the capacity of the venue before you book it, and make sure that there is enough space for everything that you are planning to do on this day.



When you start searching for the perfect location for your wedding day, you shouldn’t forget to take into consideration your budget. No matter how tempting a particular luxury venue is, you shouldn’t book it if you can’t afford it. Be realistic about your financial possibilities when organizing a wedding. Not every location will fit within your budget, and you need to be aware of this. You should determine what you can afford before getting in touch with various venues. That way, you will avoid the depression and sad feeling of falling in love with a location that is simply out of your price range. If you want a perfect wedding day, you need to be very careful when it comes to budget planning. Avoid the frustration of not having enough money for something important.

Harry Mitchell

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Should I Use A Paper Planner Or Google Calendar

In today’s world where everybody wants to do their planning the best way possible to meet high productivity demands, it’s possible to start wondering if to stick to paper planners or use the apps. Google Calendar is one of the most popular apps today that you can access across multiple devices to stay organized. But it’s also true that many people haven’t stopped using the cool daily planners made of paper. There seems to be something magical about writing on paper and not many people are willing to let go even in today’s digital world. Even developers and everyone else at the centre digital innovations still find some use for the paper especially at the planning stages of their work.


Paper Planner


Before you consider choosing between the best paper planner organizer and Google Calendar, it’s important to understand some of the practical reasons and benefits associated with each option. People have known paper for centuries so using it doesn’t present any challenges. As long as you know how to write on it, you are good to go. But remember to transfer ideas onto paper you don’t necessarily need to write. You can scribble, doodle, illustrate or draw something on paper and make sense. Paper is an extremely adaptive medium and its flexibility allows creativity without any form of limitation.


When you are working on any personal or business project and want to do your planning more effectively to achieve your goals, you may find paper planners extremely reliable. It will not limit what you can do on it since you can transfer your ideas onto it whichever way you like. An app like Google Calendar or a desktop daily planner is programmed to allow you to work with it only in certain ways. You may not even change its design to something else you prefer. Paper planners can come in many great designs and sizes, but even if they come plain you can decorate them yourself with a variety of accessories and colors to suit your unique preferences. So you can customize more on paper planners than any app.


Google Calendar


Going digital with your Google Calendar or any other digital personal organizer does offer great advantages too. They can be used while on the go and across different devices. You can view Google Calendar from your desktop through a browser, but while on the road it app on your smartphone comes in handy. It can accommodate a lot of stuff without ever getting filled up or bulky unlike paper based planners. You set reminders for tasks or events you create on the calendar so you can’t forget to act on them. But the reminders can distract you and with time you start to ignore them and fail to do your tasks. The ability to share your Google Calendar with others online is a great plus especially for teams collaborating on work projects.




Use both paper planner and Google Calendar as none can replace the other completely. Get both of the best worlds and never miss an opportunity to plan or stay organized.


Harry Mitchell

Born and raised in Sydney. I have a thing for simplicity. I am available for hire.

What kind of windows do you need?

People say that our eyes are windows of our souls. Well, this time, we can say that trough windows of your house, soul of it can be seen. They provide our homes with light, warmth, ventilation. But, not only that, windows that you have can affect the quality of your living and here is how.

There are many companies across the world that do windows installation on your homes, but do you really know what do get? Is that what you get, what you really wanted? Here is one story about how American Vision Windows, company that sales and do installations of windows, was created and started to exist.

The story that hides behind American Vision Windows is about Kathleen and Bill, husband and wife, who wanted to change windows on their house, because they noticed that difference between upstairs and downstairs vary around 20 degrees.

Kathleen educated herself and started researching about windows installers, companies that do window sales and installation, about different types of windows, etc.

It was a long process. Bill and Kathleen met so much people, salesman and installers. Some of them were promising things they didn’t do, or didn’t want to do, or they got what they didn’t expect and didn’t want to. It was such unfortunate experience.

That experience led to founding one company as big as it is now, American Vision Windows, that listen to their customers and keep their promises.

They have many different door and window styles, and they are the biggest company of this kind in California.

As far as we are talking about windows, there are some things you should know before you purchase windows or hire a company to do that for you and install them.

energy efficient widowsBy installing proper windows, energy efficient widows, for example, you can reduce energy in your home. You may improve energy efficiency of your existing windows by adding storm windows, using window coverings and treatments. This way you can reduce air leakage and improve comfort.

Covers or treatments for windows have ability to reduce heat loss in the winter, and to reduce heath gain in the summer, but most treatments are not affective at reducing infiltration or air leakage.

When you are changing windows, you should select new energy efficient windows. If you have an old house with inefficient windows, or just inefficient windows, it would be more expensive to replace windows, than to try to improve energy efficiency. After all, if you decide to replace windows, be sure that they will, eventually, pay for themselves trough lower heating and cooling cost, in winter and summer.

If you properly select and install these windows, they might help minimizing your cooling, heating, and light costs. You can choose between many different types and designs, so you can be sure your house will look just like you would like it look.

There is also selection. You have to select proper window type for your house. There are several options to consider when you need to select what type of windows you should use in your house.

Harry Mitchell

Born and raised in Sydney. I have a thing for simplicity. I am available for hire.