Outreach is Still the Foundation of SEO

It’s inevitable in the SEO world that you’re going to hear about some new, great, unbeatable method to get your and your clients’ sites to the top of Google. And if you buy into whatever that hype is all about, you are going to shell out a pretty penny for the method. In many of these cases, you are buying into a reliable and proven system.

There is one big problem with most of these SEO systems, though. The vast majority of them operate under the assumption that you have done at least a little traditional SEO for the site beforehand. Just to clarify, “traditional SEO” here means content created, internal links in place, formatting is clean, meta tags optimized and more. If those things are in place, additional steps can make a major impact.

Still, there are other “traditional SEO” methods that can have just as or more effective an impact as these new systems. In particular, link building can work wonders if you know how to go about doing it.

The problem you might be having, though, is how to start building links to your website. The solution to that issue is simple – do some outreach. Whether you conduct this outreach yourself or hire an assistant to take care of it, it’s a vital part of link building. Experienced SEO professionals will tell you that outreach is paramount in any successful optimization campaign.

Benefits of Outreach

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First and foremost, you need to understand that any outreach you do is beneficial to more than just your link building efforts. All sorts of relationships can get built by contacting other websites. You may earn new clients, future partners, networking contacts, and more. For the majority of sites, they will request a link exchange. This is a great deal seeing as you’ll get an excellent link back to your site while also receiving free content to post.

How to Conduct Outreach for Link Building

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do any cold calling unless it’s your absolute last effort. Otherwise, the majority of your outreach will happen through email.

Conducting outreach is a simple process. Create a list of sites that you would like to receive links from. Look for email addresses or contact forms on those sites. Send those sites a message requesting they link to your product, site, article or service. In return, offer them written content, brief consultation, or a link back to their sites.

Personalize Your Outreach Emails

Many email marketing guides will recommend you personalize your emails by putting the recipient’s name in the message. This is not one of those times. Here, we are suggesting you make the email outreach personal to you.

For example, adding a personal photo to the end of your emails can go a long way in showing the recipient that you are, in fact, a real human being. If you’re not comfortable sharing an image of you and/or your family, create a unique and memorable signature.

However you personalize your correspondence, use unique (as in created by you) imagery or text to set yourself apart. Unlike other efforts you might do to show you’re better at content creation or SEO, these things show you’re more than just a faceless marketer looking for the site owner’s time. You create value in you and your brand just by proving you’re a human being.

Guest Posting


Most sites you contact will ask that you provide the written -and likely visual- content for your submission and link back. This type of arrangement is guest posting and is quite common in SEO circles.

Guest posting helps make sure the link posted in the article is exactly how you want the text to read and where in the piece it should go.

Need Help?

Should any steps in the SEO process seem like a burden or just too time consuming for you, considering hiring a Denver SEO company to handle it for you. Coming from a competitive market like the one found in the large Colorado city, SEO professionals in Denver are some of the hardest working and knowledgeable in the industry. If your time is valuable to you, this is the best way to make sure your SEO and outreach get done right the first time through.



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