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Search engines are there to ensure fairness to all. Only the best of effort can prove your site worth it for the top spot. The race to the governing spot has to be competitive and never easy. In Melbourne where competition is the order of the day, you can only expect some tough time. The worst mistake you can however make is to go for the cheap methods that promise heaven. Google has made sure that black hat SEO users are on a tight corner by making the penalty even more painful. In case your site is detected to have cheated to get to the top, it will have to go far back and remain there for a long time before getting a second chance. White hat SEO remains the only option for your website.


The number one is sweet

Being number one even in a class is ever sweet. That’s because there is that recognition as well as awards that come on top. Those who enjoy the top spot on google searches around Melbourne will show their excellence in terms of cash flows. The more you are exposed to the prospects, the more they believe in you and the more they buy from you. That’s the sole reason why all businesses in Melbourne are seeking the top spot. However, make sure that you do it in the right manner and with a strategy. Don’t just pick anything just because it is said to lift rankings. If it’s linking, go for quality and not any other link as the latter might cost you.

The higher you go, the rigorous it becomes

It’s a fact you have to acknowledge as an online marketer. Google doesn’t have much business with those sites that are down there. It’s those sites that are fighting for the top spot that need more regulation. As you make your site rise in rankings, you can expect that the eyes of google will get wider to take note of anything that raises a red flag. You have to be ready to trust SEO expert Melbourne – top spot SEO to ensure that you don’t break a rule.


Rank for what?

The objective must be clear unto why you are considering a higher rank for your business. That way, you will know which SEO strategy to use and which not to use. Some Melbourne companies just want to market their brand locally. That is where most of the business fall. Others want to market their services and products in their niche. The kind of links you need will be determined by what objectives you have for your SEO campaign.

Go for opportunities

So many businesses are obsessed with the number 1 spot that they can’t sleep before they get there. However once you get to the top, you realize that it’s not much different with being number 2. What you should focus on should be the opportunities to appear more times on google search ranks. The opportunities are likely to attract more traffic and profits. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the number one spot. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have lost the battle.

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