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Why I Switched From Gmail Calendar to a Paper and Pencil Day Planner

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Ever wonder if millennials know what a pen and a paper are? The world is going paperless, so this is really the millenials’ world and the rest are just visiting.

Seriously though, technology is evolving—so should people. There are oldies who are close-minded to change and would not grow with the rest of the world. We can’t force them to go with the flow, but they should know that if they go against the current, they are bound to drown. We really have to embrace technology and its evolution because that’s where the world is going.

But embracing technology doesn’t mean we have to bury the world we know. There is always a way for new technology and old-school gadgets (if you can call them that) to be useful together. And in a lot of cases, pen and paper are even more reliable. They are so reliable that it’s the reason why I switched from Gmail calendar to a paper-and-pencil day planner.

It has to be said, though, that Google calendar is very useful. It can save all your important schedules. One of its most important uses is that it can save all important dates—birthdays, anniversaries etc. Dates where you actually need to greet people or buy them gifts. Even more important, Google calendar has an alarm that will remind you to greet important people on their important celebrations. You can also program the calendar to prompt you days before the event in case you need to buy gifts.

Another great thing about the Google calendar is that you can sync it with the built-in calendar on your phone. This way, even when you are offline, you can check still important schedules and notes.

However, when you suddenly find yourself without a battery and there is important information to check from your calendar—you’re toast! And this is why I switched from Gmail calendar to a paper-and-pencil day planner. Pen and paper are still the most reliable items in terms of recording. No charger? No problem!

Another great thing about pen and paper is that they are fast and simple. When you want to record something, you simply get your paper—a planner, if you may—and pen and write it down. With technology, you need to key in some words or press some commands before you can start writing down what you need to record. It’s also worth noting that a pen and planner are way cheaper.

There’s also that tech frustration that is not present when you use a pen and planner: a mistype. With “T” too close to the “Y” or the “R”, you might type those and get frustrated with the mistake, delete and type again and make another mistake with the “N” when what you really want is the “M.” The worst part is noticing the typo when you’ve already written a whole paragraph. And when you navigate back to the typo, you commit more errors. Ugh. Nothing beats jotting down notes on paper.

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