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Wedding day photography

photographerWedding photography planning is not just about getting a photographer.  Wedding photo shoot succeeds if there is good planning. If you are holding a wedding or helping someone to plan, it is essential that you do the make the following arrangements:

Find an easy to reach location

Finding an accessible location helps to save time. It is even better if you can get  a location near where  every guest is gathering for reception. It will be easy to find anyone who is required to be photographed from the crowd within few minutes. At the end this will prove to be a lot of precious minutes when the photo shoot involves many groups. As you consider closeness of the photo venue, it is also essential for you to make sure that it is also appealing.

Write down a list

After getting a nice location for photo shoot, it is important for the couple to agree on list of photos so that the session runs smoothly. The couple should also share and agree the on the list with the wedding photographer before the big day. A good photographer will be able to give you guidance if there is anything important that needs changing.

It is better to have few variations of wedding photos to make sure that the session does not take too much time.  For instance, it is possible to come up with a list during wedding photography planning that combines related subjects such as bridal party, relatives or friends in one group rather than have them take pictures separately. It is however good to have manageable groups.

Assign someone work to gather photo subjects

There should be several lists of the people to be photographed. Give one to someone who is familiar with all the guests to fetch the to photography point when they are required by the photographer. This process hastens the photography session.  Let the person who is calling the people to start with the elderly guests so that they do have to stand for long when waiting for their turn. If the photography   session will be longer, let there be a place where the elderly guests can sit.

Plan for any bad weather

Do not be fooled by superb weather, it might change unexpectedly.
If there is rain during the wedding, it can ruin the photo session therefore it is essential to make contingency plans to have sheltered place to take photos in case there is rain. You can decide to use indoor space, have a tent   and decent supply of large umbrella for guest when they are moving to and from the photography point.
When you make all the necessary planed for wedding photos in good time, everyone will be happy and joyful on the big day as everything goes as planned. This is good especially for the newly married couple and it shall reflect in the pictures.

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