Should I Use A Paper Planner Or Google Calendar

In today’s world where everybody wants to do their planning the best way possible to meet high productivity demands, it’s possible to start wondering if to stick to paper planners or use the apps. Google Calendar is one of the most popular apps today that you can access across multiple devices to stay organized. But it’s also true that many people haven’t stopped using the cool daily planners made of paper. There seems to be something magical about writing on paper and not many people are willing to let go even in today’s digital world. Even developers and everyone else at the centre digital innovations still find some use for the paper especially at the planning stages of their work.


Paper Planner


Before you consider choosing between the best paper planner organizer and Google Calendar, it’s important to understand some of the practical reasons and benefits associated with each option. People have known paper for centuries so using it doesn’t present any challenges. As long as you know how to write on it, you are good to go. But remember to transfer ideas onto paper you don’t necessarily need to write. You can scribble, doodle, illustrate or draw something on paper and make sense. Paper is an extremely adaptive medium and its flexibility allows creativity without any form of limitation.


When you are working on any personal or business project and want to do your planning more effectively to achieve your goals, you may find paper planners extremely reliable. It will not limit what you can do on it since you can transfer your ideas onto it whichever way you like. An app like Google Calendar or a desktop daily planner is programmed to allow you to work with it only in certain ways. You may not even change its design to something else you prefer. Paper planners can come in many great designs and sizes, but even if they come plain you can decorate them yourself with a variety of accessories and colors to suit your unique preferences. So you can customize more on paper planners than any app.


Google Calendar


Going digital with your Google Calendar or any other digital personal organizer does offer great advantages too. They can be used while on the go and across different devices. You can view Google Calendar from your desktop through a browser, but while on the road it app on your smartphone comes in handy. It can accommodate a lot of stuff without ever getting filled up or bulky unlike paper based planners. You set reminders for tasks or events you create on the calendar so you can’t forget to act on them. But the reminders can distract you and with time you start to ignore them and fail to do your tasks. The ability to share your Google Calendar with others online is a great plus especially for teams collaborating on work projects.




Use both paper planner and Google Calendar as none can replace the other completely. Get both of the best worlds and never miss an opportunity to plan or stay organized.


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